ABOUT US – The Lockport Stagecoach


Few words about us

At The Stagecoach, we offer more than just a commitment to a fun time, (although we are known for that). Our goal is to also combine our love for serving the Lockport community with a commitment to exceed your expectations of quality service. Our delicious and extensive menu offers a long list of items that will have your mouth watering. From traditional Old Western favorites to delicious classics, everyone will find something to love.


We invite friends, family and even perfect strangers to gather together at The Stagecoach for a delicious meal and fun time!

Food is
Our Passion

Our menu is the real deal. From authentic Western tastes to traditional bar classics, you'll find something to love no matter how wild you're feeling.


From Happy Hours to Closing Time, we've got you covered with the perfect menu for every taste bud. From an impressively innovative drink menu, to a delectably delicious dinner menu you will always be able to find the perfect meal at The Stagecoach.